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The Battle Royale Game Mobile

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Battle Royale games are becoming the defining genre of gaming in 2018, with many titles getting in on the ‘trending train’.

However, in order to master and become the last man standing, you’ll need a coach…

Someone who’s had plenty of experience out in the battlefield and knows his way around the mechanics and it’s enemies.

So strap on your mobile helmets and get ready for Rules Of Survival, the game which blatantly copy and pasted PUBG for your convenience.

Tip #1 – More Players = More Players

In Rules Of Survival you’ll be faced with more players.

120 players in a given area can not only be stressful but chaotic at the same time.

That’s why you’re best dropping at an area, where you can use the environment to your advantage. Avoiding the unnecessary initial pack and scouting the area for weapons or armour is essential.

You want to become the hunter (not the hunted).

We are looking for big W’s, not L’s.

Camping is therefore okay as we are being strategic on how we want to survive, especially on mobile phones. Where the controls aren’t exactly the best when you are trying to shoot and move.

Which, brings me onto my second tip…

Above Video: Additional Tips When Landing.

Tip #2 – Moving And Shooting Is A Skill

It’s true, mobile shooting games are perhaps the most frustrating and unreliable form of gaming to this date and Rules Of Survival is no exception.

Big thumbs and small screens do not mix, that’s why it’s important to have the right screen size to fit your needs and experience.

This will allow your fingers to not get in the way in times of need, helping to press the button you require without your phone or tablet mistaking the shooting button for lying down or vaulting towards the enemies bullets.

You’ll also be able to aim and maneuver more efficiently but remember to play frequently in order to gain more practice.

Above Video: Shooting/Aiming Tips. 

Tip #3 – Squad It Up

If all else fails then additional players can be the band-aid to your game.

Squads and Duo’s can make the struggle to get a win possible, as well as helping to improve your communication and team playing skills.

I find that the vehicles in this game, like the armoured trucks and attack helicopters are very manageable too; and if utilised correctly can be a force to be reckoned with.

I also recommend assigning players for different positions for example a scout, front line attackers and flankers. This will help add another layer of depth, to your teams stratergy.

Above Video: Armoured Vehicles.

Good luck On The Battlefield

I hope you have gained some valuable knowledge and start dominating the competition!

If you’d like to add anything or have a query, please let me know below.

Take care guy’s and have a great day!




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4 Replies to “Rules Of Survival Tips!!

  1. Hello Jeremy.
    As u say its all about survive. When i play Fortnite i try to jump in some safe zone, some forest or some little house in corner of map. That give me time to loot good, i always avoid to fight and i like be hide in bush and wait till last seconds. That is maybe not so good all the time but in solo mode i always finish in top 10 or above. Its all about survive. You have explain it really good in lot’s of situations when u need to hunt and not be pray.

    Cheers my friend.

    1. No worries Nikola, I’m glad you agree and are already implementing the tips into your game! it’s all about the end game and gaining the advantage on the opponent my friend:)

  2. This game seems like it is very intense and should be played on a desktop until you develop a lot of skills with the keyboard before attempting to play it on a smartphone.

    Great tips.

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