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Survival games are a dime a dozen these days, with the market becoming over saturated with mediocrity. Its hard not to notice that things can become, well… stale.

However, whilst browsing through the daily assortment of YouTube video’s and steam games, I always seem to find the “next big thing”.

What Is SCUM?

Scum is an open-world online multiplayer survival game like no other.

The whole world has united under one reign for greed and profit. With its 1% richest exploiting the lives of the other 99% population.

People who openly oppose the new regime are taken to prison, where they are transported to a place known as project ‘island’.

They are then made to survive in a place that is infested with an infected population and other prisoners, whilst also being filmed for reality TV; in order for the richest to become richer.

What sets this game apart from every other zombie-survival game out there, is the fact that the combat and character systems are far more in-depth then anything ever showcased before.

Above Video: SCUM In-Depth Information. 

Complex Systems = More Investment

The realistic approach they took with SCUM, is what makes this game great. Everything affects your characters skill level and ability.

For example your characters:

Weight – impacts on how much you can carry, the amount of stamina you harness and strength you possess. This would then translate to how much recoil there’d be when firing certain guns or how quiet you are when trying to be stealthy.

Well being – if low due to disease, will disrupt your skill as a rifleman; resulting in your character being more sluggish and lethargic. Making survival more difficult.

In addition, there are deep weapon sway and covering systems, which ensure a hardcore and mastering aspect be implemented.

Above Video: How Rifle Skills Work. 

Online All The Time

This title reminds me of Day Z but better, if the guys at Gamepires can pull this off then maybe this will be the game everyone has finally been looking for.

Early access is available mid-2018, with no specific date announced. Look out for this one on Steam because I’m sure it’ll be a cracker of a good time.

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4 Replies to “SCUM – The Game Of Depth

  1. Wow! Nice game m8 !
    You did a great job detailing how the game works I even want to play it, after reading your summary of the game. You make it seem so interesting. And videos are super interesting.

    Thank you for sharing Scum!


  2. Looks promising! it would be such a shame if it becomes another Dark Souls kind of game, everyone seem so obsessed with it most of the indie games are too similar to dark souls. But this one looks promising, some sort of Hunger Games with criminals and everything affecting the character. I hope it turns out great. We need great games!

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