Seagate External Hard Drive – Too much space? (Product Review)

Seagate Hard Drives

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Hey guy’s I hope you’re having a wonderful day, so I recently got an email from a user asking if I can do a product review on an external storage hard drive.

I’m glad they asked me this because I currently own two seagate hard drives, which I use for both my laptop and PS4. They can be a very handy device and I will be detailing there uses in today’s review.

The Design

The hard drives that I use are specifically black and look like this:

External Hard DriveExternal Hard Drive









You can also get them in the colours of blue, purple and silver. As you can see they are very slim in design, this helps it to be USB like in terms of it’s speed and the ability to carry it around in your pocket, transferring it easy from computer to computer. I personally leave it in my laptop, for extra storage.

The size of the hard drive also allows it to be dead quiet, with the ability for it to turn off automatically when not in use. It has a single usb cord which is easy to plug in and take out.

They also have four other models which they advertise on their official website:

  • Slim
  • Ultra Slim
  • Portable
  • Fast

They are all identically the same in terms of specs except for the ‘Fast’ model which transfers data at a max of  220MB/s whilst all other models transfer at 120MB/s

What Can Be Stored On It?

Literally anything.

  • Want to plug it into your Playstation for extra storage? Done
  • Want to back up all your computer files? Done
  • Running out of space on your PC and need more? Done

You don’t need to go all out and purchase 5TB hard drives because their a little more on the expensive side and if you’re just using it for general extra storage I find that a 1 or 2 TB hard drive works just fine. I use a 1TB drive for my laptop and I’m storing things on it all the time and still have 500GB left over, so 5000GB (5TB) is somewhat unnecessary unless you plan on backing up your PC everyday or so.

Easily Transferable

Note that if you’re planning on using one seagate hard drive for both your gaming console and your PC, your console will not let you and will try to erase all previous data such as your PC files in order to format the hard drive. It does this to make sure that it is compatible with your Playstation or Xbox.

Set up for computer is very simple and only requires plugging the device into a USB slot for it to work. For consoles you basically have to do an extra step and format the device within the storage settings section.

Other than that i’ve not experienced any other problems with the products in terms of errors or malfunctions but will edit this post in the future if I do run across any.

Store Your Life Away

I hope this review helped, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of external storage devices out there but these are the ones I use and find the most affordable and realiable for the amount of money I spent on each one.

If you’re interested in researching more about the product you can find the website link here:…

Leave a comment in the section below if you liked my review or would like to ask me a question…

Take care guy’s and thankyou for reading my review it means a lot.








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4 Replies to “Seagate External Hard Drive – Too much space? (Product Review)

  1. Hi, Jeremy!

    I think 1 or 2GB are more than enough for the average user. I would suggest instead of buying a 5 TB HDD, buy 2 of 2TB and use them as backups of each other – kind of like for redundancy.

    One question: Are these drive compatible with a Mac?

    1. Hey Marios, hope you’re doing well!

      Yes that’s exactly right, well I have a 1TB for my Laptop and 2TB for my console and it’s great!

      They sure are, I did some research for you and they are in fact compatible with Mac. They don’t specifically list it on the website or how to install with mac, but in case you’re thinking of buying one here’s a link to a help guide as well if you run into any trouble:

      Have a great day!

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