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Wired Crusher Headphones

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Okay so for the record these headphones will not crush your head in any way, shape or form. They will however, provide amazing bass that will make your ear drums explode leading to your head popping.

How do I know this? you ask, well let me just explain that I have a pair constantly strapped to my head and it’s been the sole cause for my detrimental hearing over the past two years.

Now this review can either be a warning or a blessing for you my friend, so come sit down and let’s discuss your health status as it stands without these headphones.

That Sweet Sweet Bass – Features

Now if you haven’t already figured out from the name of these headphones, they contain some serious bass. Manufacturers of the headphones (Skull Candy) have incorporated drivers which provide incredible studio grade sound and control:

  • Sensation 55 Driver – This driver delivers a powerful and realistic bass experience, which transforms your bass into something that you can feel. (Vibrations hits your ears, it’s really powerful at times).
  • REX40 Driver – Designed from the ground up, it delivers an extremely smooth frequency response with almost zero distortion.
  • Acoustical Porting (sounds fancy) – Within the construction of the ear cup, acoustical porting allows both drivers to move freely, increasing the bass and reducing distortion.
  • Built-in Microphone with Detachable Aux – The built in mic is a great little add on, it attaches to the aux which plugs into the headset. The microphone isn’t of super high quality but it’s useful for standard uses such as gaming. I’ve tried singing in it guys and believe me it doesn’t work out very well… Check the recording to see what it sounds like…
  • Built-in Amplifier with Bass Control – Now both these features are probably the biggest determinants to why I bought these headphones and the reason that I have been using them for so long. The built in amplifier is insane, like it is literally a sub woofer placed inside the cup of the headphone. On the side of this cup there is the “bass control slider” which will control the amount of bass being sent through the amplifier.

Please note that:

  • I recommend from personal experience, not turn the bass to max for too long because you will start to get ear aches. Turning it up to about half-way works just fine.
  • Now this sub woofer cup will also need 1 AA battery for it to operate and you will need to replace it every few months. The headphone will still operate perfectly fine, you just need batteries if you want amplifier feature to work.
  • My bass doesn’t work that well anymore for some reason, could be from age? but make sure to be careful when placing the battery into the amplifier area.

The Experience – Are They Comfortable?

The headphones are very comfortable when placed on your head, like I said before I don’t find them a burden when I am wearing them.

  • The Earcups – have a beautifully stitched leather lining which cover the 4cm soft foam and rests easy around your ears, providing a suitable and secure level of comfort for most people.
  • The Bridge – like the ear cups the bridge of the headphones contain a thin layer of padding which increases compression and that warm feeling around your ears. I have never felt plastic rub against the top of my head at any point because of this.
  • Adjustable – The headset is also adjustable, giving you the opportunity to lengthen or shorten the headphones by about 10cm.

Above Video: Feature and comfort comparison between the original and newer wireless skull candy crushers.

Please note that:

During hot weather if you are wearing these headphones for long periods of time, it may create some discomfort as black designs can absorb heat. My suggestions would be to take them off when you are not using them or move to an area where it is cooler.

Travel Wise – Take Them Anywhere

You can take these headphones literally anywhere, there design makes it perfect for long or short travel and is easy to carry around. I bought mine at an airport so it just goes to show there versatility.

  • You can fold the headphones, they come with an official skull candy zip up mini travel bag. So you can place them in there and carry them around wherever you go.
  • You can also detach the cord so when you are placing your headphones somewhere the aux cord doesn’t get damaged in any way.
  • There’s also a wireless pair of these headphones which are a (bit more expensive) but allow you to connect to your devices through Bluetooth.
  • You don’t need to take these headphones off either, you can just sling them around your neck (like I do) and it feels like an extra cushion.

Above Video: Crusher Wireless Headphones for anyone interested for what they offer

I have not personally tried the wireless headset but for me the originals work perfectly well.

Compatibilities – With You And Your Devices

I am extremely enthusiastic about these headphones (as you can tell) and that’s because I know the value in which it can provide for someone looking for something high quality and affordable.

This headset is perfect for anyone into gaming, music, business or someone who travels a lot. Literally anybody will be happy for what this thing offers and only for $49 now is quite incredible. “I bought mine for $200:(”

It’s compatible with your iPhone, android, console controller, PC or laptop.

Cheap Product Review 8/10

I hope you enjoyed reading this review and that it helps better educate you on the potential value that’s out there for products which maybe been given a blind eye.

Links to the products will be placed down underneath this review.

Leave a comment down below on how you think I can improve my singing and reviews in the future, thanks guys!

Have a great day guys and take care!


Links for both the Original and Wireless Crushers:




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2 Replies to “Skullcandy Headphones – Crusher Review

  1. Wow! It’s good to hear this kind of headphone with powerful bass.

    I think, this is really a good option to buy for those who are looking for affordable headphone. Its bass can be the strongest side and its winning factor.

    I am just curious where to buy this stuff because I cannot find any link. Maybe you can help me.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hey Del, glad you enjoyed the review!

      The bass is awesome in my eyes and is very affordable for most people.

      The link for the products are at amazon and should be down below at the very bottom of the review.

      If they are still not showing please let me know.

      Thanks Del, appreciate it!

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