Star Wars Battlefront 2 Here’s What To Expect (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is filled with lootboxes

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The next installment in EA’s Star Wars Battlefront is nearly upon us. We were given bare bones content in the first game, so how does its sequel compare…?

Triple The Content – 2 Main Modes

Star Wars Battlefront 2 has been promised to be bigger and better in every way possible; offering players free DLC post-launch, plus triple the content in the base game.

All details on the game have been officially released by EA and Dice, with two modes being the focal point Multiplayer and Campaign.

Massive Battles Await – Multiplayer

Multiplayer has been revamped in Star Wars Battlefront 2 with more maps, modes, armies, classes/vehicles and loot boxes…

Modes – can be broken down from large to small scale battles, offering some variety depending on your preference.

Large scale battles involve up to 40 players on Galatic Assault and 24 players + AI on Starfighter Assault. I played these modes in the beta back in October, and they are by far the stand outs.

  • In Galatic Assault you are put into 2 teams and given objectives to carry out, whether that be attacking or defending. In the beta, you play as the Droids or The Republic on Naboo and have to try capture the palace from the ‘Clone Troopers’ in order to win.

Above Video: Galactic Assault On Naboo Gameplay.

  • Starfighter Assault contains a similar concept to Galatic Assault, but instead of fighting on the ground, it’s iconic space battles... This was by far my favourite mode!

Above Video: Starfighter Assault Gameplay.

  • The smaller modes are less player number focused and more objective based. ‘Blast’ is basically team deathmatch (10V10), ‘Heroes Vs Villains’ is the light side vs the dark side (6V6) and ‘Strike’ is capture the flag (8V8).


  • Arcade is a separate offline mode, which offers split-screen couch co-op; letting players set up matches against AI bots. The mode isn’t that good to be honest and gets boring quite quickly… Hopefully they build upon it and make AI smarter with deeper modes.

Maps – Include 10 planets, with different map variations depending on what game mode you are playing: Naboo, Starkiller Base, Kamino, Takodana, Jakku, Yavin 4, Death Star 2, Endor, Kashyyyk and Tatooine. There is also free DLC planets coming post-launch, as part of the new ‘Seasons’ introduced by EA in an effort to keep the player base together. The planets should look great, offering amazing spectacles for all of us to live out our Star Wars fantasies.

Maps which are available at BF2's launch exceeds that of EA's first game.

Above Image: Multiplayer & Single Player Maps.

Armies – are from all three eras; in other words Republic VS Droids, Rebels VS Empire and First Order Vs Rebels. How it works is each map (planet) is tailored to a specific era. For example, if you play Galatic Assault on Naboo the armies featured will be the Droids VS The Republic. Likewise, if you play on Takodana, it will be the First Order VS The Rebels.

Clone Troopers are always ready to fight.

Classes & VehiclesEach army has their own line of classes and vehicles too. This adds a new dynamic to the game and promotes better squad play, and an overall better experience for us as players.

  • Base classes include Heavy, Assault, Specialist and Officer. Each have distinct abilities, weapons and traits which make them unique. For example, Heavy can bring out a massive mini gun and mow down enemies, whilst the officer comes equip with a blaster pistol and can boost ally players health.
  • There is also Hero classes which lets players summon Jet Pack Troopers or Villains like ‘Darth Maul’ by playing the objective or getting kills and earning points.
  • Vehicles are also summoned this way with a large variety on hand, from ground, air and space vehicles.

Above Video: Star Wars Battlefront 2 Multiplayer Trailer.

Lootbox Customization – The reason for the free DLC, is due to the new progression system… It should be noted that the one thing which could make this game pay 2 win, is the ‘lootbox system’. I found this very disappointing when I first learned about it, because basically the system works like this:

  • You earn crates from either playing the game or by buying with real money.
  • This in turn unlocks ‘Starcards’ which can used to customise/craft weapons or provide stat boosts to a unit.
  • Each starcard has a different rarities making most gamers worried that it will be pay 2 win.
  • However, EA has addressed some of these issues, by taking legendary starcards out of crates and only making them earnable by ranking up in-game.

The only issue with this system, is that it doesn’t give us the choice on what we want to pick to upgrade our classes. Instead, it’s replaced with a random selection of card upgrades, which mimic that of a slot machine; providing a ‘luck of the draw’… The following video shows an interview with one of EA’s spokesmen who addresses the issue in more detail:

Above Video: ‘AngryJoeShow’ discussing loot boxes with EA spokesman. 

Inferno Squad – Campaign

Star Wars Battlefront 2’s story is canon, spanning across thirty years. It bridges the gap between Episode 6 and Episode 7; after the death of Emperor Palpatine.

You play as Iden Versio a commander of an elite squad known as ‘Inferno Squad’. In this story you take revenge on the ‘rebel scum’ and find out how ‘The First Order’ came to be in Episode 7. You will also get to play as Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren, learning about their story after the fall of the Empire.

It should be an immersive and incredible experience, which will last for about 6 hours in total depending on how you play the game.

Above Video: Star Wars Battlefront 2 Single Player Trailer. 

The Empire Rise Again

EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 releases on November 17th 2017. The game is set to be a big hit this summer, with recurring free DLC throughout the holidays and next year.

I am a bit worried about the loot boxes but hopefully they have been managed appropriately, based of constant player feedback.

I hope you guy’s enjoyed this preview, leave a comment down on what you think about the loot boxes.

Take care guy’s and have great day!





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4 Replies to “Star Wars Battlefront 2 Here’s What To Expect (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

  1. Hi Jeremy,
    Great review! Is there any benefit to owning the previous games in this series ie carryover bonus weapons? I love the movies but have never played the games, however I think I would like to try the campaign. I have no opinion on the lootboxes..yet.

    1. The previous game isn’t worth buying in my opinion, as it has no story and is only multiplayer. The second game is your best bet for all your Star Wars content.
      Have a great day Irma!

  2. My brother wants this game so bad and I also liked it a lot after I had watched the vide of it. I think we will play Blast all the time.

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