Steam Specials – April Has Sprung

the long dark

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April has sprung and with that comes some great deals on Steam games.

This is by no means the same size as the Winter Sale and other special events but there is some quality and fun to be had from the following selection.

(Offer ends Monday 10am Pacific Time).

April Offers Are Live

If you’ve been looking for some great survival/strategy games then you’ll be happy to know that the three biggest games in this list will provide that satisfaction.

1) The Long Dark

  • Genre – Survival/RPG
  • Description The Long Dark is a thoughtful, exploration-survival experience that challenges solo players to think for themselves as they explore an expansive frozen wilderness in the aftermath of a geomagnetic disaster. There are no zombies — only you, the cold, and all the threats Mother Nature can muster.
  • My Thoughts – My experience with the long dark has always been one of love and frustration. This game is not for everyone and can provide some really difficult survival scenarios, which will challenge players constantly. I only
  • Steam User Reviews – Very Positive 90%

– Globglogabgalab “Minecraft is not a survival game, Ark is not a survival game, Rust is not a survival game. THIS is a survival game!”

– Doomquill “Wake up on mountain.
Run through canyon, trying to find shelter from cold.
Find cave, too cold still.
Run around.
Sprain ankle.
Limp around.
Find bear. Limp away…
Find cabin on lakeside.
Limp into cabin.
Find matches in cabin.
Attempt to start fire in fireplace. Fail.
Attempt to start fire in fireplace. Fail again.
Attempt to start fire in fireplace. Freeze to death while trying.
10/10 would fade into the long dark again.”

2) Crusader Kings 2

  • Genre – Strategy
  • Description – Critically acclaimed for its strategic medieval gameplay, Crusader Kings 2 provides players with historically accurate events and factions that depict and influence the game world around you. You’ll have the burden of being the King of your chosen homeland, managing resources, negotiating and dealing with family and foes. Your goal… To dominate the world.
  • My Thoughts – This game is so much more than just a simple strategy game. It’s an experience. If you enjoy Sid Meier’s, Total War or Mount & Blade, you’ll enjoy this game too. The level of depth and immersion incorporated within the title is incredible. There are layers upon layers of content, which says something about the passion put into the project.
  • Reviews – Very Positive 80%

– Sarah Lynn “Don’t let the price or dlc put you off, invest when it’s on a sale, the game is glorious.”

Sober Mans Secret “A truly amazing game and worth every penny for anyone with an interest in medieval history and or strategy games.”

3) This War Of Mine (Anniversary Edition).

  • Genre – Survival
  • Description – In This War Of Mine you do not play as an elite soldier, rather a group of civilians trying to survive in a besieged city; struggling with lack of food, medicine and constant danger from snipers and hostile scavengers. The game provides an experience of war seen from an entirely new angle.
  • My Thoughts – I’ve played ‘This War Of Mine’ a few times but never really got into it. It’s a punishing game and really makes you think about the decisions you make. It’s definitely worth a play though and I highly recommend it!
  • Reviews – 95% Overwhelmingly Positive

Jurisak39 “Simply incredible! I don’t like games with side view, i usually play FPS games, but this is big exception! 11/10”

– Zarlina “One of the best games I’ve ever played, and in my opinion a game everyone should try at least once in there life.”

75% OFF

All these games are 75% off, so why not check them out while the sale lasts!

Have a great day and take care guy’s:)



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4 Replies to “Steam Specials – April Has Sprung

  1. Thanks for providing detailed information on these games. When I’m looking for new ones to play, I’m not sure which to chose. I’ll definitely have to check these out.

  2. So I have not played the long dark yet, but it looks super good. I will have to get aboard the game. Huge gamer myself so I might as well ad this to my library lol. Thanks for the update.

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