Tensions Run High In The Evil Within 2 – Review (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

The Evil Within 2

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For the record, I really dislike horror games and the horror genre in general. Not because I don’t think they provide good entertainment but because I’m a bit of a b**ch.

So when I got recommended to play this game I knew I was in for some long sleepless nights, whilst making sure none of my limbs left my safety blankets.

That being said this game is great and offers a robust game world which begs to be explored, (Just not by me).

Story Time, Around The Fire

Bethesda’s ‘The Evil Within 2’ carries on from that of its previous game ‘The Evil Within’, where the protagonist ‘Sebastian’ is once again plunged into a machine network known as ‘STEM’ by your enemy ‘Ruvik’. This network allows all consciousness to be simulated within one world, with the ‘core’ subjects brain creating that world.

No spoilers here, except Sebastian once again has to enter this network to rescue someone very close to him, who is being used as the ‘core’ of the STEM machine. The world is crumbling, and I wish I could’ve turned Sebastian around and marched him all the way home.

It can be a gripping and intense story at times, and I felt for me that it was best played in little chunks, rather then going all in.

You will have a mutilated multi-face lady with a buzz-saw chase you down claustrophobic corridors and a long tentacle legged camera man try to capture you. The most bizarre and terrifying things I could’ve never imagined are all here in The Evil Within 2, almost making you feel like your in a ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’ spin off.

Above Video: The Evil Within 2 Trailer. 

Exploring A Nightmare – Content

The world has a larger open setting this time compared to the first game, with areas to explore and side activities to undertake. I didn’t play the first game but I’ve heard and read that its an improvement in almost every aspect.

Between main missions or ‘chapters’, there are small open world areas for you to explore. These include ‘residential’ or ‘business’ areas, which will have different buildings to scavenge and side activities to complete.

You will need to complete side activities in order to make the main missions easier through gaining extra health, ammo and resources. Resources can then be used to craft new attachments or upgrade guns.

Above Video: ‘Youtube: Gamespot’  Stealth Side Mission Gameplay.

Guns include a large variety of different assault rifles, crossbows, shotguns, pistols, melee weapons and sniper rifles. You can read more about the weapons here.

In addition to risking Sebastion’s life to go gather a couple bullets, there is a character skill tree. The skill tree grants Sebastian health, athleticism, recovery, stealth and combat upgrades which can be exchanged for ‘Green Gel’ which is like the XP.

There isn’t a huge variety or depth to side activities which was my only problem. Thankfully though it doesn’t get overly repetitive, due to the open world areas being kept quite small and minimalist. However, there is still plenty of different varying enemy types to challenge you and make you ‘soil’ yourself.

Above Video: ‘Youtube: Zanar Aesthetics’ Skill Tree Showcase.

The Screams… From Me – Graphics And Sound

Luckily you’re not within an 100-metre radius of me because I do not handle the jump scares well at all. The sound of this game is very well done, from the main theme music to the voice acting and environmental sounds, which help give it that added tension.

My heart would race as I would narrowly escape an encounter and just make it to the air vent… Or ironically not wish I made it the air vent only to face something even more terrifying. It was too much for me, meaning they’ve got the sound done just right.

Onto graphics which are equally dark, grime and spectacular. Dust particles fall in dime light, textures look natural and life-like, with enemy details enhancing the true horror of Sebastian’s situation. Please note that textures from a distance look ‘blurry’.

Consoles are locked at 30fps (frames per second) with 1080P on both Xbox One and PS4. 4K is also available on the newer consoles. I play on my PS4 and for the most part is runs pretty smoothly, there are a couple texture pop ins here and there but nothing game breaking. PC is capped at 60FPS but there have been reports that is poorly optimized, with large fps drops and lag spikes. Xbox One has also been reported to suffer from some rough patches. You can find more details here.

Above Video: PS4, Xbox One and PC Graphics Comparison.

Run Sebastian Run! – Mechanics

Now for the most part everything ran very smoothly for me when playing on the PS4. Shooting was fluid and responsive, enemy AI were smart but also extremely dumb at times and missions kept me on the edge of my seat.

Tension was done very well, and the small open world aspect provided a bit of breathing space whilst also allowing me to experience a different and unique situation that wasn’t found in the story sections. It was a part of my mini story, whilst crawling inside a dark neighborhood house to scavenge supplies and then being jumped by some pus headed zombie thing. It was natural and didn’t feel forced.

Controls were easy and simple enough to use. You won’t have any problems getting used to it in this department, unless you have never played a third-person shooter before.

Is Stem For You

Now this game isn’t for everyone, and as it currently stands there are a few issues running on PC and Xbox One which hopefully get fixed soon rather then later. The story line is engaging and gripping with scenes which will glue you to the screen. I probably wouldn’t recommend this to children due to the content being a bit graphic, but if you enjoy horror movies and games then you should definitely check this one out.

Therefore, my cheap rating for The Evil Within 2 is an 8.5/10.

Links will be down below if you’d like to check out the game.

Hope you guy’s enjoyed the review. Leave a comment down below on your favourite horror game…

Take care and have a great day!

Thanks guy’s.


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6 Replies to “Tensions Run High In The Evil Within 2 – Review (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

  1. Wow ! A Horror Movie/Game that is about as artistically intriguing as I have seen, however, also as gross ! Yes, definitely needs a strong rating, but I agree, for Horror game players, quite a change with the involved story line and a far cry from simply chopping off heads of Zombies. Thanks for the thorough review, Jeremy ! I agree with your rating of 8.5

    1. Thanks for the comment Rico! It’s definitely a different kind of horror game which I haven’t played before, but it was totally worth the jump scares.

      Take care mate.

  2. My wife is really into horror movies. She’s seen so many it’s hard to find something new to watch. Maybe she should get into this game and ‘participate’ in the horror. I’ll suggest it to her. Anyway, thanks for a great review – very detailed.

    1. Thanks Rod glad you enjoyed it mate.
      It feels completely different to watching a horror movie, as like you said you ‘participate’.
      Great for getting the blood pumping.
      Take care!

  3. Oh man I love watching horror movies, but I lose it whenever I try to play games like this. But I still end up playing it anyways.

    I think with Halloween coming up, it would be a fun experience to get my girlfriend in on this as well. Good rating of 8.5. I would say the same thing.

    Thanks for the review man!

    1. haha you’ll have plenty of frustrations with this game, except the main story is quite linear so you won’t have any troubles there.

      It’s worth a try man like I had a lot of fun with it!

      Appreciate the comment mate.

      Take Care!

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