Terraria Getting Started

Terraria Getting Started

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Are you struggling to find the best shit in Terraria? How about killing one-eyed monsters? or even digging down to the depths of the earth and killing giant walls of flesh?

Well your in luck today because I’m guest writer Nick and If you follow my tips, your sure to survive the horrid world of Terraria.

Tip #1 Gather Them Sweet Resources

Once you enter the world of Terraria you’ll be faced with many challenges, including collecting sweet resources before nightfall.

You’ll want to be collecting a substantial amount of wood, specifically around 200 pieces. This will allow you to build a 10 x 5 house. Which can be used to construct a:

  • A Crafting Table – Allows for more in depth building and personal equipment.
  • NPC Interaction – As you expand your house and explore more of the surrounding area, NPC’s with specific traits will come and live with you. Allowing for rarer resources to be obtained and better equipment to be crafted.

Resources like wood are vital from the very start, and are constantly needed throughout your play through.

Above Video: Gather Wood Like A Pro.

Tip #2 Crafting Is An Art

You’ve followed tip #1 and you now have a crafting table but what’s next?

In order to succeed in the harsh 2D environment, you’ll need to be harsh yourself. The answer…?

Kill Slimes.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, how does any of this have to do with crafting? Well my dear friend, slimes are a key component to moving into a higher tier in Terraria. This is due to the Gel excreted when they are killed. Enabling players to craft new and extravagant items such as torches, flaming arrows and furnaces (very important).

Furnaces are a gateway into further equipment upgrades and new items. These items will give you the ability to take down stronger opponents/bosses.

Above Video: Crafting Tutorial For Beginners.

Tip #3 Exploring Below & Beyond

If you haven’t already noticed, the Underworld and Space of Terraria are like two completely different worlds. This is due to the expansive elements they consist of.

The Underworld: Unlike Minecraft, mining straight down is a fast and effective way to find ores and caves. In addition, physical properties, such as water (which is a common occurrence) means you’ll be dealing with flash flooding’s and potential drownings if exposed. Therefore, make sure to keep cautious when mining above.

Enemies and traps are also a common feature of the depths. However, the dangers will depend on how deep you are. The Wall Of Flesh for example is the last boss of The Underworld. Featuring a whole wall of flesh that will shoot lasers and minions at you. To defeat this boss you’ll need to be well-equipped with gear from mining and crafting ore’s.

Traps can also be very hazardous, such as lava pits, boulders and poisonous arrows. Some of these can be instant kills, so laying down a well lit path with tourches and floors will help with navigating these tricky terrains.

Space: Traveling to space is less exciting and requires building upwards from the get go or finding a potion which reverts gravity. From there you will face different flying enemy types, like Demons and Harpies. These can be tough to take down, so make sure you are equipped with predominantly ranged weapons.

Above Video: Defeating The Wall Of Flesh.

Just To Get You Started

Congratulations, you’ve just learn’t the basics for what it takes to be great at Terraria.

But it doesn’t stop there, with my tips as your training wheels you can now rip that shit off and set foot on your own. Exploring the vast environments of Terraria and discovering what it takes to be a true adventurer.

(P.S. Just don’t take that arrow to the knee)

I’m Nick (aka King Underminded) and I am the guest/chairman of Cheap Game Accessories, signing off for the first time.






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20 Replies to “Terraria Getting Started

  1. I’ve just been getting into Terraria. It’s so much fun.
    Man..that wood gathering was fast. I can’t wait to get to that skill.
    Thanks for these tips.

  2. Hey Nick,

    Awesome guide! some additional tips for the newbies here:

    1. Make sure you always have enough suitable houses for new NPCs.
    2. NEVER throw away items you don’t know what they do. One day you might be able to craft awesome shit out of them.
    3. Always aim to explore the places you haven’t been exploring yet (it may be the dungeon, the jungle, the underworld etc.)

    Anyways, thanks for the great reading, I hope I provided some valueble insights. Feel free to check my own website which aims to help gamers becoming professional. https://progamingdojo.com/

    1. Thanks Barak, I like the valuable additions you provided! This is my first post so I appreciate the additional help.

      Just trying to become a two time champ like Dr Disrespect! Trying to help the noobs out you know:)

  3. THis sounds like more of my kind of game than a shoot-em-up game – I like exploring and gathering resources and being creative. Of course, it’s good to kill some monsters, too. thanks for the fun review!

  4. Wow, you got the plan and ran with it. LOL. I use to watch my nephews back in the day with all those little secrets in the Mario game series. Most of the time if you did not know about it you would take forever getting through a level. I have never heard of this game but I am sure it can get addictive as many of the games do. Very good stuff.

    1. I enjoyed writing this first post and glad you enjoyed it:) More to come soon! but you should give this game a go! it gives off the same retro feel as Mario!

  5. Oh wow! This looks like another fun game, but it seems challenging. These are all wonderful tips for the beginner such as myself.

    I have a question though. Is it available on Steam? I have an account there and I would love to get it from them.

    Also, I have one last question. What is the online experience like? Do twelve year olds swear at you like in COD? Or is it more friendly? I look forward to hearing your answer.

    Thank you for these tips and have fun digging!

    1. Hey Alex, glad you enjoyed my tips!

      This game can be found on steam and is very cheap at the moment due to their winter sale!

      There aren’t any screaming twelve year olds because you get the option if you want to play solo or not. You can even start up a server and play with up to 20 of your friends!

  6. Super interesting, I never heard of it. Is this game based on a story-line or is simply played from one level to another with increasing difficulty?

    Cheers guys!

    1. Hey Manny, you can expect to see an increased amount of difficulty depending on how far or high you go. The surface is like normal/easy difficulty and anywhere away from there is riddled with harder and more frequent enemies.

  7. Terraria is such a fun game! I was playing it on xbox360, but I think I will switch it over to the computer. I have not played for a while and there are some awesome pointers in this article which I can use right away. I too, would like to chop wood that fast in my game!

    Like others have said, do not throw things away if you do not know what it is for. You get a lot of odd stuff early on in the game and all of it is useful at some point.

    As well, as you go underground you should try to dig down on an angle to avoid drowning if you hit water. Digging in straight down, you can end up just falling into a large lake, and then using all of your health trying to get out if the walls are straight up and down.

    Great post!

    1. Thankyou Irma! Glad you enjoyed the article and you added some great pointers.

      PC version just adds more versatility and I think that’s what makes it great. It’s also very cheap at the moment!

  8. I’ve never heard of this game, but it reminds me of the old school games I came up on. Is this game available on all formats (console, PC and mobile)?

    1. Sure is, it’s a 2D like platformer that’s really enjoyable! It’s available on all consoles and PC but I’m not sure about mobile. I’d assume it would be though

  9. Ooo I need to get into this. I’ve played games like Terraria before but never had too much success. People always seem to be way ahead. I’m afraid I’ll be lost when I start though cause I’ll be a complete newb. Thanks for the tips!

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