The Battleground Online Game That’s Free To Play! – Fortnite Battle Royale Alpha Review

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Fortnite Battle Royale by Epic Games studio’s is a grand addition to the Battle Royale genre and deserves to be commended for offering console players the ability to enjoy playing with their friends free of charge. It uses very similar mechanics to Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds by Bluehole studio’s on PC, but deviates enough to create a new mechanically refreshing and different user experience.

The Art Direction – Cartoon Feel But Brutal In Nature

The art direction of Fortnite’s Battle Royale is visually appealing with bright color pallets scattered along the weird and wonderful Fortnite country side. It reminds me of the movie ‘Cat in the Hat’ and delivers some beautiful eye candy.

However do not be fooled by the charming nature of the landscape as this game can be brutal. You may find yourself marveling at the large open fields and sky scraping mountains only to find yourself being shot at by rival players. Your heart will then start pounding as you try to find cover behind a large willow tree or stagnating rock.

The map is large and has many varied places ranging from the infamous ‘Loot Lake’ in the center of the map to the ‘Wailing Woods’ which is essentially a large forest with a maze at its center. These keep things fresh as you have to constantly change your tactics and strategies when confronting other players.

The Content – What’s On Offer Here?

Please note that the game is currently in alpha state meaning the developers are still adding in lots of fundamental content to help improve the game, like player stats and leader boards. At the moment though there are three modes solo, duo and squad. Solo is 1 player free for all, duo being a 2 player teams with one of your friends and squad being up to 4 player teams against other 4 player teams.

Before each game there is a loading area where you can practice and try out new guns with your friends or by yourself and get ready for the match to start. Games start with 100 players until there is one player or team left standing.

There are also a variety of gun types and rarities in the game which can found while looting houses and chests. These range from Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, Sniper Rifles and Rocket Launches. With increasing rarities of individual guns producing more damage and proficiency. You can identify these rarities through a specific 5 color ranking system with white being level 1 followed by green, blue, purple and gold being the highest level at level 5. It’s a very cool and RPG like system.

Perhaps the biggest differentiater to Bluehole’s Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds however is the ability to craft and destroy objects in the environment. This is a huge bonus allowing for a new strategic element in the game as you will collect items and be able to craft a base out of either wood, brick or metal. Each item comes with its pro’s and con’s with wood being brittle but can be built quickly, brick is medium strength and built in a balanced time, and metal being the strongest material but taking longer to construct. Building the right base or using your materials wisely especially towards the end of the game can be the difference between life or death for your character.

Lastly in addition there is no player customization at this point and you will be given a random character to play with either that be a girl or boy. No news on player customization by the developers has been given out at this point, but I assume some form will be implemented in the near future.

The Mechanics – Does It Run Well?

I have only played the console version on PS4 and I can say that it felt a bit jittery and laggy at times especially before a game. Although not game ruining it was definitely noticeable. Some people have also been experiencing trouble loading into the game, so that should also be noted.

Other than that once the game loads in it runs pretty smoothly for the most part. I’ve had no trouble with crashes or anything of the like and with over 1 million players on launch day the servers held up very well. On the topic of servers, you cannot change your region meaning if you are like me you are locked to Oceanic servers. Which in a sense can be a frustrating problem as you cannot access duo due to servers not being as populated.

This can lead to a balancing issue because if you don’t have 3 other of your friends to play with in squad. Then you are up against 4 player squads which can be daunting in a sense that you have an unfair advantage from the get go. There is an option to fill the squad with random players but there’s no in game voice chat so its pretty useless because you won’t be able to communicate with team members.

Lastly players only get 5 slots for items and guns which is a great concept meaning players will have to constantly manage their equipment and loot. Highlighting the fact that you have to be constantly dropping and equipping new items and guns such as meds and rarer shotguns.

It’s Free So Why Not?!

I could go on and on but I don’t believe that is necessary. There’s no microtransactions and it is completely free! well at least the Battle Royal version. So gather a couple of your friends and encourage them to download this game either from the PlayStation and Microsoft store or on PC, because there is a lot of fun to be had here and you will have a lot of fun.

Take care guy’s and I hope you enjoyed this review.

Have you played the new Fortnite Battle Royale? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!:)



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2 Replies to “The Battleground Online Game That’s Free To Play! – Fortnite Battle Royale Alpha Review

  1. Honestly this isn’t usually my kind of game, when I see this the first thing I think about is Super Smash Brothers for some reason.

    It does seem like a great game though, I like the battle-royal style of play where you start with 100 players and don’t stop until you’re the last player or team, it must be a really satisfying feeling to win.

    No character customization is a negative obviously but not a deal breaker. As you stated though the game is still in the alpha stage so it will definitely improve.

    I’m genuinely considering checking it out

    1. Thanks for the comment Aldane.

      The game can be very difficult, especially the first couple of matches and can get frustrating at times. Once you learn the mechanics then you will start to use the game to your advantage. 

      You’ll be able to build massive fortresses with your friends and it really encourages teamplay so you’ll need to coordinate together to win matches and survive.

      It’s extremely satisfying when you get a win and extremely frustrating when you get really close from my experiences.

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