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Love to use Discord when gaming with your friends? well how about spicing things? make those long night sessions more interesting…

Today, I am going to be compiling a list of the top 3 best bots you can invite right now to your Discord hosted server!

( Please note: to add any of these bots, simply click the “invite” button and it will redirect you to discord automatically)

1) PBot – The Meme Bot

If you are looking for meme filled fun, then PBot is your boy.

This beauty hosts a large variety of “talents” and commands, including:

  • Cleverbot – transforms into an artificial human-like bot, where you can talk and try to have real conversation (when you have no friends) just to see what kind of funny responses may entail. It’s a lot of fun at times and can bring on some great and (awkward) times. 10/10 IGN.
  • Image & GIF Generator – includes memes, GIFs and images from 4Chan and hundreds of other similar websites.
  • Customisation – change the colours of certain things in the chat room to make them more lavish, as well as check out cryptocurrencies because why not invest?

Pbot Discord The meme bot

2) Yggdrasil – The Annoying Soundboard

You need to add this bot to your server now!

All I’m going to say is expect “John Cena!!” being screamed in the voice chat constantly, whilst you also prank call other random Discord chats using its “prank call feature”.

This one is a gem and should be used wisely, young padawan.

yggdrasil- the tree of noise

3) Rythm – Get Your Groove On

If you’re like me, then getting your groove on in chat is always an option.

Luckily there’s a bot which is fully functional for this sole purpose.

Rhythm allows you to search, choose, queue, play, auto play, skip, replay and vote for music all in one neat and easy to use command prompt.

There are many music bots out there but what makes this one special is its near zero latency, even when there is high activity on the server.

It supports music from Soundcloud, YouTube and many more streaming services. Also has a “karaoke” mode granting the ability to display a songs lyrics.

rythm bot

The List Goes On

These are the best must-have bots in my opinion but there are so many variants out there for different categories that you should always experiment, and see what works best for you.

You can even add a Pokemon catching bot in the chat too! Anything is possible with Discord and that’s what makes it a great utility.

If you’d like to check out more bots, you can do so here.

Leave any questions below and let me know your thoughts!

Take care guy’s and have a great day:)



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