The Last Of Us 2 Details You Need To Know – Preview (PS4) (2018)

The Last Of Us Part 2 News

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Having to save Ellie from the hospital in The Last Of Us, was possibly the most heart breaking moment in gaming history. (oops spoilers…)

I remember being so emotionally invested, that when something climatic happened to the dynamic duo I almost broke down; unable to take the suspense.

I almost feel bad for anyone who hasn’t experienced this game… It’s almost as bad, as someone who hasn’t watched Game Of Thrones. (I’m guilty)

And with the second installment in Naughty Dogs infectiously hitting story (set for next year); I thought it’s a better time than never to preview, the next big release in gaming.

Ellie Has Grown And Joel Is Old – Story

In terms of the story, it is said to be held 5 years after the original game. We will thus be seeing a more mature 19 year old Ellie, whilst Joel is still tagging along for the ride.

Not much else has been said about the story, except that it will be an expansion of the relationship between Joel and Ellie. Offering a wider cast, with new characters and locations to explore.

The only hard facts we have are from the two trailers released on the game. Which appears to show an enraged Ellie, after appearing to show that she wants to take ‘revenge’.

Above Video: The Last Of Us 2 Trailer.

We can only speculate that this revenge was enticed by someone in the last game such as ‘The Fireflies’ or a new group threatening the pair. This ‘new group’ could potentially be connected to the ones in the second trailer:

Much like the bandits in the first game, this group looks to be somewhat a ‘religious cannibal group’. Due to the stringed up bodies and total disregard for human life, as they are ‘nested with sin’.

The latest news on the game was at a panel at PSX 2017:

In the above video, we learn about the development going into The Last Of Us Part 2. As well as talking briefly about the story and learning about the team/cast.

The main point to get out of the interview is that the writing should be strong. The lead writer working on the Last Of Us 2 (Halley Gross) also helped write the television show ‘West world’. Their was also an official quoted leak of Ellie being ‘pregnant’ (skip to 16:30 minutes).

 Clickers Are Back – Features

Looking at the end of the second trailer, we can see that clickers and runners are back in action.

These were unique zombie types in the first game, which provided varying qualities.

Clickers were harder to kill but couldn’t see. They relied on their sense of hearing, so if you made a lot of noise; you would evidently find yourself in a lot of trouble.

Runners are your standard type of infected, easy to kill and are more frequent. However, they could smell, sense and see your presence. Pair them with clickers and if you weren’t careful enough, you’d be dead in a heartbeat.

Weapon crafting and scavenging should also be expected. Hopefully they build upon both zombie types and weapon customization. Adding to an already robust and rewarding system.

Multiplayer was a very welcomed addition in the first game. Providing both a strategic and tactical approach, which was both fun and rewarding for players. No word has been said about the return of multiplayer but rumors have been circulating about a possible Battle Royale and Co-Op mode.

Above Video: Co-Op Mode Potentially Leaked…?!

Get Ready For 2018!

With so many great games set for 2018, it’s hard not to get excited.

Further news on The Last Of Us 2 has been kept secret but expect more details to arrive soon. (I will be updating this article once there is)

I can’t wait for this games release! don’t forget to let me know your thoughts on the rumors down below!

Take care guy’s and Merry Christmas!






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