The Mysterious Comet – Fortnite

The Mystery Of The Flying Comet

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The world of Fortnite is going to be stricken by a massive homing comet and we need to best prepare for this inevitable doomsday.

Questions and conspiracies about the future of Tilted Towers, the map and even the game are at stake and I think the internet knows the answer.

*cues detective music*

Shooting Stars

My controller rumbles as I look up into that bright blue pixelated sky, a raging comet inching closer to its destination… Fortnite.

Now I was doing most of my research on reddit today and I stumbled upon this rather interesting explanation for the controller rumble, which some (myself including) instinctively thought it was due to some kind of bug.

However, it appears that the developers have been trying to send us a much bigger message; to warn us of the events to come…

A user by the name of AllyAvillez, wrote a rather lengthy comparison conspiracy theory about the situation, stating “In recent times Epic has hinted through Morse code in game that a comet will be hitting Tilted Towers on April 18th.”

The code to prove this, showed these messages & coordinates: SOS D 5 418.

Ally wrote “19 days after Fornite’s battle pass release, a conspiracy theory comes out that is in no way related to Fortnite but it shares the same story. The missing Malaysia flight theory involves this normal bloke who gets a voicemail in military code that translates to “Danger SOS it is dire for you to evacuate be caution they are not human (random coordinates) SOS Danger SOS”.

“The coordinates in the voicemail take you to a place that is very close to where the Malaysian flight legit vanished from radar”

Now all this doesn’t make sense at the moment, (as I didn’t include the whole extract) but basically the conspiracy theory suggests that because these events share similar communication styles and dates, the idea is that Alien forces played a part in the disappearance of the Malaysian flight and likewise Tilted Towers or the whole map…

This theory can be justified by the fact that the battle pass revolves around a space theme and the newest ‘Leviathan’ cosmetic addition which adds an alien looking character to the item shop.

Leviathan Is Dashing(It’s an Alien fish)

Could This Mean A New Map?

The ever growing size of the comet and recent theories, make me think that maybe we will be getting a new map as well as the destruction of tilted towers.

A martian planet or lava wasteland, carved from the rubble of the domineering piece of rock would make the most sense to me.

A recent GamesRadar interview with Fortnite’s lead designer Eric Williamson confirmed that change will be coming. When asked about the implementation of a new map, Williamson stated, “We’ve discussed it internally. It’s probably not a question of if, but certainly a question of when.”
So will this be that event…

Let’s hope so, as it certainly would be a grand opening for players.

A Far Reaching Hoax

Photoshop and a tweet was all it took to send the internet into meltdown for a brief few hours. Word of Fortnite shutting down spread like wildfire but was not linked to the comet’s arrival.

The fake tweet read:

“Due to the law suit against PUBG on copyright infringement. We are sorry to inform you that Fortnite Battle Royale Will be coming to an end May 24, 2018. Save the world will still be in development and we will roll out ASAP. Thank you all for the support.”

Luckily, in the words of Sir Donald “The Duck” Trump himself, it was “fake news”.

*Hides In Bunker*

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, that is all from me.

Hopefully Epic Games will provide us with something ‘Epic’ but we will just have to wait and see.

In any case, have fun enjoying the game!

If you would like to share your precious opinion please do so below, it provides me with some banter.

Have a great day guy’s!





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10 Replies to “The Mysterious Comet – Fortnite

    1. The developers over at Epic Games put a lot of hard work and value into the game and the player count and popularity shows! You should give it a try, it’s free:)

  1. Hi Jeremy,

    I think the marketing of this game is genius! My son and his friends have been buzzing and are constantly talking the release of this game. I absolutely love the “Far Reaching Hoax” and fake tweets!!

    I’m looking for something awesome to give my son for his birthday Jeremy. Any suggestions would be awesome! What is your current favorite?


    1. Hey Steve, the marketing appeal has just skyrocketed! It’s ease of accessibility just provides gamers with plenty of options when playing.

      In terms of what to get your son for his birthday, it really depends on the age range and what you’d allow him to play. If he owns a PlayStation then FarCry 5 is a great shooter game or God Of War which is more story driven and focuses on Thor like combat.

      Otherwise Nintendo switches for example have games like Zelda and Mario kart which are sure to provide your son with plenty of entertainment!

  2. I was once very into online games. I played one called Star Wars Galaxy until Sony online entertainment made major changes to it and my whole guild left to play World of Warcraft when it began.
    I played it for 8 years even though it was not much fun the last 3 years. I stayed for the people and that community at large. We all hoped they would take it back to the challenging game it once was. No deal, so now I play internet marketing.
    I’ve not played many console or pc single player games other than the wizards of the coast, Morrowind, Skyrim oh and Never Winter Nights so I can’t comment much on this ‘Fortnite’ game, however, I love the idea of in game hints about future releases. It’s almost like when we all first discovered there were ‘Easter eggs’ to be found.
    Your write up of this possibility had the feel of that same experience. The wonder and excitement of possibility came through in your post. Well done.

    1. I admire your love for RPG games Paul! I too have spent many hours traversing the worlds of Skyrim and Star Wars the Old republic but I wish there wasn’t so much saturation these days. I’m glad you liked the post it means a lot:)

  3. What a crazy marketing strategy! I love how they telegraphed the comet and that you were able to find so many creative conspiracy theories for it! And how cool that they tied it into the vanished Malaysian airlines flight, because hey, let’s just allow for the possibility that aliens had something to do with it 🙂

    1. Their marketing gods Penelope! I wish I had their skill and talent i’d be taking a vacation every day haha but yes I use it to my advantage:) Fortnite is a pop-cultural hit!

  4. It has been a while since I have played an online pc game, I usually just do the campaigns. But this shiz is crazy. Not a bad marketing strategy at all. That is a lot of conspiracy theories. Seriously lol.

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