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You probably don’t pay attention to how much money you spend on games each year, and if you are like me then I don’t blame you.

Its not easy when one of your favourite pass times is an expensive wallet churner.

I like to stop and take a look at the seeming gold mine of what could’ve been, if I hadn’t bought many of those games.

However, there is still some hope for your treasure of electronic dust and that’s with Amazon Trade In.

The Hidden Sell Button

Essentially Amazon allows you to trade in old electronics, games, music and movies in exchange for gift cards which can then be used to buy more items from the online mega store. (Please note this service is only available for Electronics & Books).

You may find that the page is quite hard to find (and yes I can place an easy navigation link) but for clarity’ sake when you first get onto the Amazon homepage, you will see a small white button labeled “Departments” in the top left of the page:

Amazon is a huge retailer which sells a variety of items across the globe!

From there you can scroll to the bottom of the page where the “Electronics, Computers & Office” is found:

You can trade in your electronic goods for credit to purchase from the store.

Follow the instructions and select the option that suits your selling needs: Cellphones, Tablets, Video Games/ Consoles, Books, Kindle Readers or Movies.

A list of some of the trade-in categories.


Dust Into Gold

Depending on the item you are selling, Amazon will provide ‘Trade-In’ prices. These can vary based on the condition and prominent’s of your item.

For example if your game is of rarity or is low in stock as a result from consumer popularity you can see a higher price margin which could potentially land in your pocket. For example:

Have an obsolete Apple IPad Generation 1? you can receive $7.50 for trading it in and spend it on some cheap earbuds…

Microsoft Surface Pro’s on the other hand can be traded-in for around $700, just to put things into perspective.

I personally have 60 Xbox 360 games which I do not play anymore, they averaged around $5 each. I’ve already traded in a couple but if I were to sell them all, I would make $300 which isn’t bad considering 4 + year old games.

Amazon prices are quite fair for a retailer. Most Gamestops or EB Games from my experience would give a few dollars for 20 or 30 games, which feels like a serious rip-off in my opinion.

Free To Ship Them Away

Once you specified which item you would like to sell, you simply fill in your return shipping address in case something happens to the item.

Print out the shipping label and take it to your local post-office free of charge.

It’s that simple! from there the item is out of your hands and you can enjoy getting paid for your used items.

Hoarder Life Free

Take your earnings and reinvest it into that new shiny IPhone or Laptop you’ve always wanted.

You can thank me later but for now I leave you with Retro Pokemon Trap Music

Have a great day guys and take care!






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12 Replies to “Trade And Play With Amazon

  1. I had no idea that Amazon did this? That is amazing!!! I buy so much from them all the time, I could’ve been trading games for credit this whole damn?! Than’s for this info, I’m definitely using it
    Do you know if Amazon covers shipping cost?

    1. Sure is Jason!! its a great system which I only discovered not too long ago. From personal experience all shippping and postage had been payed for by Amazon. You simply place the sticker on and you should be good to go. So I am quite positive it’s free shipping.

      However, I’ll let you know if I run into any problems.

  2. At home, I have a lot of old electronics sitting around the house. I never stopped to consider selling them. This looks like a great option for me.

    Unfortunately, most of my games are on steam, but a few of them are on discs. Would Amazon consider buying old disc games like Age of Empires II and The Battle for Middle back or no? Thank you in advance for any help you can give me and I hope you have a great day!

  3. WOW what an incredible option to have on their site that many didn’t even no existed, In the UK you get very little for trading in games that it becomes pointless to do so but this looks like a promising idea thank you for sharing.

  4. Wow! That is amazing. How did I not know this? I have so many 360 games, game cube, nintendo, ps2, wii, xbox even. They are all just laying around my house and I only play a couple now if I have time since the whole growing up thing happened! This would definitely be something I should consider doing! Thanks Jeremy.

    1. It’s a feature on Amazon which isn’t very well known due to it being so subtle! I’m glad that it’s possible helped you in the future! Thanks Robbie.

  5. Man I really wish I had my old nintendo and all my old games. I have NO idea what I did with them, but I’m sure it would be a huge source of income now. thanks for the detailed instructions for how to sell on Amazon, I had no clue that feature existed!

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