UFC 3 What You Need To Know!!


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What happens when fan favourite sports, movies and games mix with Electronic Arts…? You get a glorified slot machine.

But even worse, imagine having to pay this slot machine a fee to even sit down.

This is what entails UFC 3’s online functionalities. A slow, grinding game of chance that your may never want to play again because of how frustrating it can be.

The worst part is, this game mechanically is actually a big improvement from the last two games! just not in the online side of things…

So before I continue I just want to say, DO NOT BUY this game for it’s ULTIMATE TEAM. You’ll just shoot yourself (and your wallet) in the foot.

Striking Lethal Combo’s – Gameplay

Its fluid, realistic and sometimes ‘buggy’… but nonetheless it’s had big improvements in the areas which needed them most.

Punches feel more impactful, as loud smacks transpire from bouncing heads “off the canvas”, and you can now punch whilst dodging or quickly moving backwards; giving players more strategic control.

Dodging and then throwing combo’s is also made easier, with the right stick allowing for better maneuverability of characters.

The ground game still remains similar to it’s previous title “UFC 2” but also seems worse in some aspects, as predicting why your lost a certain position is made more difficult and to me felt unbalanced.

However, despite this the stand-up game in UFC 3 is some of the best I’ve ever seen. Motion capture was certainly done right.

There is also “individual bars” for health, stamina and defense of particular body parts. Meaning you have to be more careful on how you go into a fight. Certain area’s of your body will grow tired and wounded, so change up your game style accordingly or face a potential ‘lights out’ scenario.

Above Video: Conor McGregor VS Bruce Lee.

Becoming The G.O.A. T – Game Modes

As for any sporting or fighting game, you have to have good game modes. So what’s on offer here?

Well apart from the gameplay improvements not much… except for the Career Mode.

The Career Mode has been revamped and extended to become the highlight of UFC 3. As not only will your have to worry about training and fighting but also managing your finances. This means you’ll have to choose what martial art’s gym you’d like to sign up for, spending money on promoting your fight or finding information about certain opponents. Making money management a priority, as your work your way up the ladder.

The other modes on offer are nothing special and include:

  • Knockout Mode – is exactly what it sounds like. You can play with a friend in local co-op and beat each other in an arcade like scenario, until one’s health meter drops to zero.


  • Fight Now – is just a quick match that your can play against friends or AI. It gives you the freedom to pick any UFC fighter your want and customise the match settings to your liking. There is also submission shootout (ground-only) and stand and bang (standing-only).


  • Online Mode – Ultimate Team is probably the main mode online. It is ridiculously unbalanced and you’ll feel like you have no control over your characters progression, as everything is randomized loot. There are cards for everything under the sun, such as left-hand punch power and right foot strength. You’ll need to literally pay real money because the grind gets so tedious. A shame because it would’ve been the icing on the cake.

Above Video: UFC 3 GOAT Career Mode. 

Look Mum Its Conor McGregor! – Graphics And Sound

Hands down the best thing in this game is it’s atmospheric immersion. Nothing comes close to it in realistic fighting games.

Sweat and blood drip onto the octagon, skin moves in dynamic ways after getting hit and bruising proceeds. EA may be greedy corporate suites but at least their money goes towards artistic and colorful eye candy.

Everything is superb in this aspect and that’s all your need to know.

Above Video: Graphics Comparison, UFC 2 VS UFC 3. (XBOX ONE X)

Don’t Buy It For The Online

Buy this for a great single and local split-screen fighting game. Supporting these business men is not going to make the situation for gaming in the future any better.

UFC 3 is available on both PS4 and Xbox One consoles now!

If your have any questions, please leave a comment below.

I will be adding a review system for your guy’s to join in soon, so stay tuned.

Have a great day guy’s and be safe!






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14 Replies to “UFC 3 What You Need To Know!!

  1. Eek, I find games that make you pay more once you’re in so totally misleading. definitely a slot machine! Candy crush and all its progeny are TOTAL slot machines, too!! Thanks for the unbiased review of what’s good and what’s not so good about this game.

  2. I was always shit in such games! Is this one thats easy to play but hard to master or is it quite tricky right from the start?

    I always quit such games if I can´t manage to have some sort of decent fight after a few tries 😀

    Thanks man!

  3. Nice article, i never realized games nowadays have so good graphics, it almost looks real. I in the beginning looked like hmmm…is this real or a game :D. Very nicely written article and good that you did put videos aswell. Well done!

  4. How is the Jiu-Jitsu in this game? I remember playing the first one years ago. It was fun, but I couldn’t ever really master the Jiu-Jitsu gameplay. It just turned into a button smasher. I had to build my character up and try to knock everyone out. It was fun, but after awhile I got bored with it, though.

    I haven’t played a UFC game sense, though.

    1. You’ll be happy to know that it’s improved a lot since the first game Garen, EA is well known for making excellent sports games and this is no exception. There’s a whole new level of depth in the UFC 3 that hasn’t been seen before, helping you feel like a real fighter.

  5. Hi Jeremy. I’m no games expert but after reading through your article I’ve learned something. My brother plays those kind of games so he has much knowledge on it but my take on it on what he plays and the the new UFC 3. The graphics and sound are mind blowing. The graphics is becoming more real liked. By the way looking at the connor McGregor v bruce lee on that video you highlighted. In a real life scenario. Bruce Lee would make mince meat out of connor McGregor and this is coming from an Irish man.

  6. Damn, it’s been a while since I played a UFC game. Probably back on PS2 or something LOL. I think this would be a game changer with all the high-tech graphics as well as all the hype now on UFC (The Notorious Conor Mcgregor). Hopefully, I am not too much of a newb at first. I can play with my bros on split-screen so I never need online anyways. Thanks for the review bro!

  7. Jeremy, thank you for the article! Just disheartening… I was going to look into this game later this month but it looks as though Ill look into COD instead. I appreciate an honest review, glad to read there is a bit of improvement but not for my wallet or time. Disappointing to hear that EA has not taken UFC to new heights. I guess they make enough money on Madden…

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