What is The Best Microphone For Recording? – Snowball Ice Review

What is the best microphone for recording?

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I thought that it would be a good time to do a product review, and what better way to review a microphone product than to use my voice. I have my Snowball Ice Microphone here with me and for those people who are asking ‘what is the best microphone for recording’ I am going to record a bit of my voice below using the microphone and run you through what to expect with it.

The Voice Quality – How it Sounds?

Please listen to the sound recording below first to experience what the microphone sounds like:

Frequency response is the process of how a recording device responds to a sound across a range of frequencies. Most products cover a frequency response of a low 20 khz or high 20 khz and typically this is the acceptable hearing range for humans. Now frequencies outside of this range are known as a ‘wide band frequency response’ and can be important with the range in which the sounds can be heard. In other words this can concern itself with low and deep pitch sounds to high pitch sounds, providing the use with the ability to deliver higher quality sound and audio.

Now the SnowBall Ice microphone has a frequency response of 40 – 18 khz which is very good in terms of the acceptable hearing range for humans. This allows enough leverage to enable the user to create more clear tonality and pitch from their voice so it can than be easily heard by audiences like you guys for music, broadcasting or in game recordings. With the Snowball Ice Microphone you can essentially create studio grade recordings from your bedroom or home..

You don’t need to sit with your mouth right on the microphone either, with it being recommended to talk from at least ruler length away for the best sound quality.

The Design – What Does it Look Like?

The Snowball Ice is shaped, well… like a snowball, and may seem overly awkward at times but once you look into it’s specs you discover that it’s sphere shape allows it to condense and pressurize sound. Allowing for the clear and crisp voice you heard of me previously.

Now it comes in various colors ranging from white, black, green and more, which almost look like a metallic coat of paint. It has a grail on the front to protect the entrance of the microphone and an adjustable bipod which allows you to lower of heighten the microphone based on your preference.

Lastly it barely has any cords at all, except the microfiber USB cable which plugs into the back of the microphone and easily slots into the USB section of your PC or Laptop.


How it handles – Is it Easy to Use?

The microphone is very easy to set up. You basically plug it into your USB slot of your PC or Laptop and that’s the setup done. The system requirements should also be noted for windows and mac users. For windows users you must have ‘Windows 7 or higher’ and mac users must have ‘Mac OSX 10.4.11 or higher’.

On the downside I did experience some annoyances with positioning the microphone on my desk, so make sure to have a large enough space for it to be placed on and you won’t have a problem like I did.

Lastly the tripod legs can be a little hard to handle sometimes so make sure to be careful when adjusting them.

Is it worth a buy?

That entirely depends on what purpose you are of using it for, if you want high end audio and are on a bit of a budget than I think this is perfect for voice and instrument recordings. It offers huge value in my opinion, just make sure to have enough room to place it.

Cheap Product rating of 8/10

Thanks heaps guy’s for reading my first product review and I hope it helped 🙂

Have you tried out a better microphone or would like to suggest another microphone for me to review? let me know in the comment section below or email me at: support@cheapgameaccessories.com

Take care guy’s :).



Above video shows youtuber ‘caroline4321’ singing into the Snow Ball Ice Microphone for those who would like a bit extra exposure to what it sounds like.





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4 Replies to “What is The Best Microphone For Recording? – Snowball Ice Review

  1. Wow, that is the best review of a microphone. I liked your voice recording at the begining of the article and was curious to continue reading.
    And the video of a girl singing made me convinced that it is worth giving a try.
    One question, though. It delivers so high quality of a recording when you are near the microphone. I am curious will it also record sounds from the street? Is there a possibility to “mute” random sounds while you are recording your voice?

    1. Hey Andrey I’m glad you enjoyed reading my review, it means a lot:) 

      It’s possible that you may get some background sounds here and there, however because of the shape of the microphone I find it very good at blocking most of the incoming sounds that are not directed at the opening of the microphone. 

      If you are recording for a music program such as fl studio, I tend to mute my computer sound and just sing or talk into the microphone, this is to get rid of the static sound which may feedback from the computer.

       In addition there is an option like every microphone to turn down the receiver volume, in the microphone set up settings on your PC or programs such as skype and fl studio in audio settings.

      This definitely helps reduce random sounds while you are recording and even “mute” ones in the background if you are in a quiet enough space. I have found that unless the sound on the street is very loud I won’t have a problem with recording from my experience.

      Hope I have helped answer your question:)

  2. I see like with the old-fashioned ones that there’s very square. This microphone is very around so that must be like you said, absorb the sounds and make better sound quality. I can see this being useful for my daughter as well taking singing lessons. We have the karaoke microphone’s but they are have a Denteley much poor quality compared to this. Thanks for the thorough review

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