What The Hell Is Discord?!

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Now I know there are a lot of people who are going to say “Jeremy everyone knows what Discord is…”

To which my immediate response will be “great I do too:)”.

But for the minority out there who aren’t surrounded by the ‘know of things’, this one is for you.

So sit back, take a sip of tea and enjoy the read.

A Gamer’s Community

Discord is a free voice and text chatting application; where users can collaborate, ‘hang-out’ and be a part of different online communities from the comfort of your computer or mobile phone.

What makes this application better than other free online chatting applications like Skype and TeamSpeak. Is its ease of use, in regard to the freedom it allows users.

There are no hidden subscription payments or strings attached. If you want to create a server, where all your friends both real and virtual want to join then you can! its your space to do whatever you like.

What Options Are There

When creating a room there are plenty of customization options to choose from such as:

  • Permissions for other users: You can create moderation roles for you and your friends or provide a leveling system for users on your server to level up on.
  • Unlimited rooms: create voice chat and text rooms for different games and discussions for example movies, shows, memes and music.
  • Download bots: to enhance the experience, bots can help enrich your server with different abilities.
  • Invite players: you can use limited and unlimited invite codes to invite people you’ve met online!
  • User settings: can give people nicknames and titles.

My Experiences

I find that the experience varies depending on the people you meet and the server you join.

However, most of the time if you join a public server with lots of people participating and talking in chat, then you usually have a really good experience.

I can fondly remember joining a voice chat room called “Karaoke Bar” and having someone put on a full-blown acoustic jam session.

Things just happen and there’s always just some form of banter around every corner, which makes everything so much more engaging to interact with.

Free Forever!

Maybe you’ll give it a go… It’s free to join!

If you liked this review, please share it around or ask me some questions below!

Take care guy’s and have a great day.



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12 Replies to “What The Hell Is Discord?!

  1. I actually didn’t know about discord, aside from the literal definition of the word (and what goes on outside my house every day as they noisily construct new homes!). Very cool that it’s a free alternative for gaming chat and that you can stumble on some really entertaining public conversations 🙂

  2. I’ve never heard of Discord either. Sounds like a fun and free service to meet new people and learn new things. That Karaoke Bar is great. Thanks for showing me something new today, I’ll have to give it try. 🙂

  3. Hey!

    Any experience with the latency while playing multiplayers? I know that skype is useless because it simply takes too long until my mate on the other side hears me.

    It´s only milliseconds of course but when you play shooters, that already too long!


    1. It works really well if your talking to someone close in your region! downloading the desktop application also minimises latency a ton, I think the experience as a whole largely depends on your internet connection but I found that it works very well with slow internet!

  4. I had only heard bits and pieces so it is awesome to come across this review. I am not sure that I am brave enough for karaoke – even though I was fond of singing on Guitar Hero back in the day. It might not have been fun for the listeners but oh well lol.

    I love gaming with a room full of friends in chat, so this sounds like a lot of fun. Are there any skins for the interface?

    1. You can change the colour of the background interface but there are currently no customisation options to stylise your room unfortunately… Perhaps in the future:)

  5. Hi Jeremy first let me say I love the title of this post lol. I myself use discord when doing raids with my guild on GW2 and I love it. One thing that I really like about discord is when Im playing my game and I’m not logged onto discord if somebody sends me a message I get a message pop up in the bottom corner of my screen pop up to let me know.

    1. It’s functionality and ease of use and freedom is a big selling point for the application and the fact that its free and available for anyone to download just ticks all the boxes!

  6. Seems like you can really find a lot of opportunities meeting people in every area of life, even in gaming, because of the rapid advancement in technology. I’m not familiar with Discord but I’m sure people who are in gaming would do and enjoy joining and connecting with others of the same interest.

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